Stronghold of Friendship and Happiness?

Uncovering Soviet Propaganda History Camp 25 – 28 October 2022 in Armenia

”It was amazing to see how the voice of the state was in everything and everywhere.”

Participant at group discussion


The History Camp “Stronghold of Friendship and Happiness? - Uncovering Soviet Propaganda” took place from 25 to 28 October 2022 in Yerevan, Armenia. Seventeen young prize winners of the Arminian and Moldovan EUSTORY History Competitions 2021/2022 critically discussed Soviet propaganda in everyday life and approached the topic through creative group activities, lectures and site visits.

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Students Exploring the Time of the Soviet Union

Workshop Results

“We could see how the state and the idea of socialism managed to creep into every single aspect of life – so much so that people became brainwashed with time, singing the same song that had been sung to them on a broken record for 70 years (1921 – 1991).”

Raluca (Republic of Moldova)

The final assignment for the camp’s participants was to create collages on the topic of “Uncovering Soviet Propaganda” using their own creativity and imagination.

Добро Пожаловать/Welcome to (We Wish You Well)

Collage “Добро Пожаловать/Welcome to (We Wish You Well)" | Photo: Körber-Stiftung

Wearing the same uniform and thinking the same thoughts. This collage shows how the state and the idea of socialism succeeded to enter into every single aspect of life.


The Soviet Woman

Collage “The Soviet Woman” | Photo: Körber-Stiftung

Happy, healty and free or controlled and abused? This collage looks at the stark difference of the image of women as seen in the newspapers, on posters and on TV and in reality.


Memories of the USSR

Collage “Memories of the USSR” | Photo: Körber-Stiftung

Nostalgia of the good and the bad. This collage shows propaganda elements that produce an air of nostalgia but at the same time expresses relief that it is all in the past.



“We discussed why it is important to talk about all these subjects today. By knowing the Soviet past and what happened during that time we are more aware and more critical now.”

Participant from Armenia
History Camp’s participants, organisers and experts | Photo: DVV International Armenia

Top (fltr): Arevhat (teacher), Seyran, Ruzanna Tsaturyan (expert), Liliana, Nicoleta, Lilit, Diana, Hrachya, Levon Abrahamyan (expert), Eteri, Inesa, Hayk, Doina, Ofelya, Raluca, Susanna, Vanya Ivanova (workshop moderator), Shushan Shushanik (expert). Bottom (fltr): Ludmila (teacher), Ben, Ruben, Elina, Pavel, Insea Kiderlen (workshop assistance) | Photo: Insea Kiderlen

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The History Camp 2022 was organised and hosted by DVV International Armenia and the Armenian NGO Hazarashen. It forms an integral part of the project “History competitions in Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine 3.0“ which is implemented by DVV International in cooperation with Körber-Stiftung and with the financial support of the German Federal Foreign Office.

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