Stronghold of Friendship and Happiness?

Uncovering Soviet Propaganda History Camp 25 – 28 October 2022 in Armenia

The final assignment for the camp’s participants was to create collages on the topic of “Uncovering Soviet Propaganda”. They used material e.g. from the Soviet era combined with items from nowadays and described their thoughts about the Soviet past in their own words.

Memories of the USSR

Collage “Memories of the USSR”. Photo credit: Körber-Stiftung

“We wanted to reproduce these years from our parents and grandparents point of view. Of course it was a kind of propaganda at a point, because it showed that in the Soviet Union everything was good but outside the life was worse. In this collage we collected all the elements that recall nostalgia but at the same time the relief that it is all in the past. We did a short journey in the past and reproduced the propaganda from that time. Here someone can see some good things but others the bad ones, but the main idea is the fact that everything is already gone.”

By Liliana and Nicoleta (Republic of Moldova)

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