Stronghold of Friendship and Happiness?

Uncovering Soviet Propaganda History Camp 25 – 28 October 2022 in Armenia

The final assignment for the camp’s participants was to create collages on the topic of “Uncovering Soviet Propaganda”. They used material e.g. from the Soviet era combined with items from nowadays and described their thoughts about the Soviet past in their own words.

The Soviet Woman

Collage “The Soviet Woman” | Photo: Körber-Stiftung

“In the newspapers, on TV and on different posters, she was represented as being beautiful. Healthy, happy, and free. But in reality she was the one who worked the most, cooked, raised children and took care of the house. The beauty of the woman was not in the way she looked or thought, but in the way she worked. She was controlled by men and Soviet rules. She was physically and psychologically abused if she didn’t respect the rules of men and the party, that is symbolised by the broken heart (made up of buttons), because there can’t be love where there are violence and ugly words.”

By Doina and Diana (Republic of Moldova)

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