Swiss History Competition Announcement 2017

Swiss history competition poster 2017 | Photo: HISTORIA
Swiss history competition poster 2017 | Photo: HISTORIA

The new topic of the Swiss History Competition 2017-2019 is "Historical Investigation / Youth on the Move". Young people between the age of 14 and 21 are invited to hand in papers in German, French or Italian.

Pupils who cannot think of compelling questions to ask about local or family research should pick the topic of "Youth in Motion": The protests of 1968 almost exactly 50 years ago has shattered and changed the political and social structures of its time: women's rights activists, anti-nuclear activists, squatters.

And there are countless examples of "Youth on the Move" that have nothing to do with protest: young Swiss in the Spanish Civil War, Red Cross children from Germany and Austria in Switzerland during World War II, young people in a Kibbutz...

Stories about committed young people in different cultural areas deserve to be explored: in music, dance, sports, political parties, etc.

The topic(s) leaves room for quite a variety of research topics and creative forms of presentations such as films, games, exhibitions or city tours are welcomed.

Download the flyer (in German).

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