»EUSTORY Next Generation Summit 2017«: The Application Process Has Started

»Re:member Europe«
»Re:member Europe«

EUSTORY is expanding its offers for young Europeans in the field of international understanding. The new format, the EUSTORY Next Generation Summit, is aimed at award winners and alumni from more than 20 national history competitions of the EUSTORY Network and its partners. The application platform opened on 1 June.

»Re:member Europe« is the title of the EUSTORY Summit. From 6 to 10 October 2017 over 100 young Europeans between the ages of 16 and 25 from the EUSTORY Network and its partners will be offered diverse and innovative approaches to talk about European past and the present.

In the light of current challenges such as the uprising of populists, renationalisation in many societies and the return of the war to Europe, EUSTORY would like to show how looking back into the history of Europe can also be the starting point for cross-border international understanding. "We want to enable young people to gain an intensive European experience in order to make them lastingly suspicious of trunkated nationalist perspectives," says Katja Fausser, Managing Director of EUSTORY.

High-ranking cooperation partners from the fields of science, art, journalism, culture and politics will support the young Europeans when they look for historical factors that might still be relevant today as regards the experiences of their families, their places of residence or countries of origin. They will also help them identify what separates or connects them as young Europeans.

The EUSTORY International Office is particularly pleased about the cooperation with the Polish NGO Kultura Liberalna, the Russian human rights organisation MEMORIAL Moscow (which has been organising a Russian historical competition since 1999 within the framework of the EUSTORY network), the German-Turkish-Armenian musician Marc Sinan, the House of European History in Brussels, the Berlin-based research collective Vajswerk and the History Campus, the young European blog of the Körber Foundation on questions of history and identity in Europe.

Together with these partners, the EUSTORY Summit offers six workshops in which participants can approach in a scientific, journalistic or creative way the topics of politics of history, discuss how to deal correctly with the cultural heritage or the misuse of history, and learn how to advocate a critical and multiperspectival approach to history.

The participants of the Summit will begin their discussions on the History Campus Portal in late summer. Protected virtual classrooms will be set up for all groups prior to the Summit so that they can make full use of their time together in Berlin to discuss complex or controversial issues.

The venue for the EUSTORY Summit is the RADIALSYSTEM V in Berlin. As our cooperation partner in the organisation of the overall event they engage themselves not only artistically but they also organise thematic evening events in their building. The results of the Summit will be presented to the public in a big closing event on October 9 at the RADIALSYSTEM V.

Participation in this Summit is open to prize winners and alumni from the more than 20 national history competitions that have joined the EUSTORY Network and their partners.

You can find more detailed information on our History Campus Portal.

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