The Fall of Communism in Europe through the eyes of EUSTORY Network members

Trixi's EUSTORY History Campus Blog
Trixi's EUSTORY History Campus Blog

On the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, 20-year-old EUSTORY alumna Trixi from Germany addressed members of the EUSTORY Network about how they perceived the end of communism and the dramatic changes of 1989 in Europe, asking "Where Were You When … the Transition of 1989-1991 Took Place in Your Country?"

History competition organisers from Poland, Portugal and Norway as well as a member of the EUSTORY International Office in Hamburg shared their memories about years in the underground, moments of nostalgia, an initiation for a professional roadmap and an unexpected course of a birthday celebration.

Read Trixi’s blog post on the EUSTORY History Campus.

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