Kathrine Labaek

Born 1988 in Gentofte, Denmark
High school graduate in 2006 (High school Stenlose)
Today, Kathrine is a second year student of "Nutrition & Health" in Copenhagen (2/2015)

"Children and teenagers in Denmark during World War II" (2006)

Kathrine Labaek focuses on her two grandfathers and how they experienced World War II in Denmark. By conducting long interviews with both, the author obtained insights into the individual lives and experiences of two entirely different men. One of the grandfathers experienced the war as a child - that is to say, as a "normal civilian" in a Danish port city. The other, a teenager at the time, spent the war fighting in the Danish resistance movement against the German occupiers. In her contribution, the author contrasts the findings from her interviews with facts and source material from various books on the subject.

Read a longer version of her work here.

For her study, Kathrine Labaek won second prize in the Danish History Competition of 2006, whose theme was "Roots. Where do you come from?"

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