Katharina Trettenbach

Born in 1993 in Weiden, Germany
High- school student (Augustinus- Gymnasium, Weiden)

"Melchior Probst- A hero?" (2009)

This competition entry deals with the personality of Melchior Probst the mayor of the city of Weiden during the Republic of Weimar and an opponent of the Nazi regime. As a mayor he had a very democratic approach to his office considering that a variety of parties, ideas, and opinions as well as the institution of parliament and free elections could enforce justice in a democratic state. For the Nazis it was clear that Probst is a potential danger and he must be disposed of. He was first dismissed from his office and then taken to court where his efforts to ensure democracy were used as counts of indictment. He died from severe illness in 1934, not surviving the end of the Nazi regime. Considered an antihero back then, Melchior Probst is hailed today as a very courageous advocate of democracy.

Katharina Trettenbach's entry won the first prize in the Bavarian region during the German history competition of 2009/2010.

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