Leonardo Galanti

Born 1995 in Rome, Italy
Leonardo has just finished High School and starting in fall 2014, he will be studying Engineering Management in Milan.

"Men and women fighters who became protagonists of the subsequent world history” (2014)

In his research project Leonardo Galanti dealt with World War I, as 100 years after its outbreak, the Italian history competition’s topic was “’14-’18: The Great War in Europe”. Generally interested in the lives of well-known people in history, Leonardo tried to find out more about Italians who fought in WWI and became “protagonists of the subsequent history of the world”. He was especially keen to reveal the war’s effect on their lives, their possible changes in attitude and how those famous people dealt with their experience of war.

His investigations led to interesting and surprising results, assembled in a 29-minute, narrated movie, underlined by classical music. First Leonardo studied numerous kinds of books and he then collected large amounts of film material dealing with his project’s protagonists during and after the war. The student included socio-economic and political conditions during Europe’s Belle Époque that led to “The Great War”, a general reflection about the previous meaning of war and the following change of mentality, as well.

With his project, Leonardo participated in the 2013/2014 Italian history competition and was awarded first prize in the single student category.

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