Ginta Berzina

Born in 1993 in Bauska, Latvia
High-school student (Riga French Lycee)

"The Investment of Three Brothers in Latvian Leather, Last and Footwear Industry" (2010)

Peteris, Davids and Janis Erins were three brothers that owned each leather and shoe enterprises in the first half of the 20th century in Latvia. In fact they were one of the most visible entrepreneurs of middle sized companies in Latvia. Their businesses started having problems around the start of the world economic crisis in 1929. Janis ended his business around 1929/30 and committed suicide. Davids gave up his business in 1931 when his factory burned down. Only Peteris managed to survive somehow only to give up in 1940 when Latvia became part of the Soviet Union. Although their relatives got back some parts of the propriety after 1990, the business couldn’t be put back on tracks again. The research on this project has been conducted by one of the great granddaughters of Davids Erins in memory of the achievements of these three brothers for Latvian economy. 


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