Martyna Ceglińska

Born 1991 in Toruń, Poland
Student (Landscape architecture and interior design, Science and Business Centre, Toruń)

"No one will regain it... we shall not allow it to be forgotten” (2010)

Poland became independent in 1918 and had incorporated as new territories some parts of today’s Ukraine. This new land was extensive and thinly populated, but the soil was very fertile and the area was considered a perfect place to be inhabited. Many of the soldiers that fought for Polish independence received land and propriety here and started a new life. This was also the case for one of the author’s great- grandfather, that settled down with his wife right after the war. In 1940 the situation changed dramatically. The Soviets decided to displace the Polish people, that had occupied the new territory,  in Ukraine and force them to work in labour camps with very little food and under the constant threat of death. After the end of the war the surviving Polish ethnics could come back to Poland and start life all over again. The central character of this story, the great- grandfather disappeared and never returned.

For her contribution to the Polish history competition Martyna was awarded first prize.

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