Ana-Maria and Brindusa Lungu

Ana-Maria was born in 1992 in Pascani, Romania
She is studying law at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza-University of Iasi, Romania. She also works as a volunteer member of the European Law Students' Association, where she is coordinating several projects with legal topics. Currently she is an Erasmus student, studying in Athens, Greece. (Last updated 2013)

Brindusa was born in 1991 in Pascani, Romania
Brindusa is studying General Medicine in Iasi, Romania. She also works for the National Alliance of Students' Organisation in Romania. (Last updated 2013)

"The enchanted palace and the place where nothing ever happens" (2010)

The city of Pascani, in the eastern part of Romania, is the place with the enchanted palace, a magnificent manor built in the 17th century by the noble Cantacuzino, but also a small town of 45,000 inhabitants where no major event ever takes place. The author explores the past of the locality and finds out that things did happen here: the city had an active community of Jewish merchants, was home to one very famous Romanian writer and last but least had a maintenance workshop fro trains. Ana-Maria tries predicting how the future of her city will look like by interviewing young people from the area about their study and work plans and comparing the emerging trends with responses from other cities around Europe.

With their entry, Ana-Maria and Brindusa Lungu won third prize in the Romanian national history competition.


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