Kristina Christozova

Born in 1995 in Martin, Slovakia
Kristina is a secondary school student at the Gymnázium Jozefa Lettricha in Martin, Slovakia. (Last updated 2013)

"Multiculturalism in Slovakia in the 20th century – the Bulgarian minority" (2012)

Kristina was born into a bicultural family – her mother is Slovak and her father is Bulgarian. Her mother and father met at the university in Sofia, Bulgaria, and after they got married they moved to Slovakia. Their daughter Kristina has the great opportunity to compare two cultures. She talks about Bulgarian migration to Slovakia, the importance of language, cultural clubs, and keeping traditions.

The first big settlements of Bulgarians in Slovakia occurred after the end of the First World War. They came as gardeners to the south of the country because of good climatic conditions for commercial gardening. They lived in closed communities and they didn’t speak Slovak at all. Bulgarians of the second group came here as students, they are concentrated in big cities. In the third (most diverse) group are Bulgarians who came because of marriage. The couples met usually during university or on a summer holiday in Bulgaria. Like Kristina's parents.

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