Tatiana Kološtová

Born in 1994 in Žilina, Slovakia
High- school student (Varšavská Gymnázium, Žilina)

"Outcast in his own homelandy" (2010)

This entry focuses on the story of Antonín Stuchl born in “the first Czechoslovak Republic” on Slovak territory, despite both of his parents being Czech nationals. In 1939 Czechoslovakia was invaded by Nazi Germany and divided into the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia and the puppet Slovak state. Antonín was 17 back then and he had to move to Czech territory due to ethnical reasons. During World War II he was forced to work in Germany . He managed to run off and hid at his uncle’s place in Moravia.  After the war he got a college degree in architecture in Prague and started working in Žilina. His first task was to design the first urban plan for the city for which he is mostly remembered. 

For her contribution, Tatiana was awarded second prize in the Slovak history competition.


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