Yuliia Pidluzhna

Yuliia Pidluzhna | Photo: private
Yuliia Pidluzhna | Photo: private

"German buildings in Ukraine" (2016)

In October 2016, twenty-four award winners from EUSTORY competitions met at a History Camp in Georgia. For this occasion they prepared posters about their projects and findings which were displayed in the National History Museum in Tbilisi.

My competition entry was about the preservation of historical monuments in the Ukraine. As a volunteer, I was involved in the Donetsk’s team work of the project. I helped organizing and conducting research for the investigation. Additionally, I carried out a dancing flash mob with umbrellas in order to attract peoples’ attention to the protection of historical monuments.

Why did you get involved in the EUSTORY project?
I chose to become a volunteer of the SOS - Historical monuments project, because I care about the history of my country. Furthermore, I think that it is very important to protect architectural monuments. I think that by preserving German buildings, we preserve a piece of German culture in Ukraine.

Did the research affect you personally?
During the project work I realized the importance of German architecture since they are significant for the Ukrainian culture; the buildings of German colonists are the remnants of their culture. Over the years their marks left became part of Ukraine’s culture.

Take a closer look at Yuliia’s poster here.

For her project on German buildings in Ukraine, Yuliia was awarded in the Ukrainan history competition.

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