Experiencing European Diversity

Prize winners from all National EUSTORY History Competitions get the chance to participate in the EUSTORY Youth Activities where they come face to face with varied interpretations of history. The critical confrontation with controversial aspects of European history is the basis of these EUSTORY Encounters.

Dominant groups and minorities, winners and losers, victims and perpetrators - each tell a different history and each have the right to their own story.

Working with peers, these young Europeans learn to respect this diversity and to see themselves through the eyes of others. The result is openness, understanding and tolerance in relationship with others and foreigners. EUSTORY Encounters focus on topics such as "Re:Member Europe: The Fate of Europe in Past, Present and Future", "Making Peace with History - Processes of Making, Negotiating and Maintaining Peace in Europe" and "Winds of Change – Transitions in Europe".

Since the network was founded, the EUSTORY International Office organised 70 youth activities for prize winners on various topics in about 20 different countries.

Here you will find an overview of all EUSTORY Youth Activities (pdf file).


EUSTORY Summit 2019: Transitions in Europe

15 October - 19 October 2019 | Berlin, Germany

The year 1989 is a symbol of the transitions in Europe. 30 years later, at the EUSTORY Next Generation Summit, 120 young people from 30 countries are going to explore how people experienced the transitions and what remains of the dream of a united Europe.

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EUSTORY Summit 2018: Making Peace With History

14 November - 19 November 2018 | Berlin, Germany

Discussing history is rarely so fresh, lively and intense: At the end of the EUSTORY Next Generation Summit in Berlin, 120 young Europeans presented their views on war and peace in the past and present at the Alte Börse Marzahn.

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06 October - 10 October 2017 | Berlin, Germany

The first EUSTORY Next Generation Summit came to an end on 9 October 2017 in Berlin with standing ovations for the impressive work of the 100 young European participants.

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“The Best Event in a Not-So-Good Year!”

21 October - 28 November 2020

The Online History Camp “Don’t Look Back in Anger – Coping with Painful Pasts” ended with satisfied young participants and creative results.

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United or Divided in Diversity?

02 October - 08 October 2016 | Tbilisi, Georgia

24 winners of EUSTORY history competitions from 16 nations gathered in Tbilisi, Georgia, to discuss and reflect on the concepts of nationality, identity and Europe.

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Backpacking Visegrád with Pen and Camera

22 September - 01 October 2016 | Hungary, Czech Rep., Poland

20 young people discussed freedom of the press and the media´s role as supporter or opponent of social movement in the states of the Visegrád Group.

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Alumni Programmes

Europe 1945-2020: Looking Back, Thinking Forward

01 November - 31 May 2020 | Warsaw, Poland, and worldwide

From November 2019 to May 2020 23 young people from 17 countries reflected on the legacies of 1945. They developed the Instagram museum Silent Stories of 1945 online in a closed virtual classroom and offline in a week-long workshop in Warsaw.

War Children in Europe

01 April - 30 September 2015 | Berlin, Germany

From 6 - 12 August 2015, 20 young Europeans met at the History Camp in Berlin to exchange and deepen their national research they did from April to September 2015 about the fate of War Children in Europe.

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Europe 14|14

07 May - 11 May 2014 | Berlin, Germany

On the occasion of the centenary of World War One, about 90 EUSTORY alumni were among the 400 young people from more than 40 countries in Europe and North Africa who attended the event.

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