War in Ukraine

We are watching the Russian attack on Ukraine in horror. We stand with our colleagues, partners, alumni, and all people affected by this war.



Competition Topics

Common theme in 2021/2022:
“Between Rejection and Nostalgia: Soviet and Post-Soviet History in Families and Local Communities“
This theme pays tribute to the 30th anniversary of the dissolution of the USSR in 2021 and serves as an umbrella theme for all five national history competitions.
Common theme in 2023/2024:
"Exploring History-Based Propaganda in Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine"

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International Youth Encounters

Competition winners of all participating countries meet for international youth activities organised by Körber-Stiftung.

"I wanted to get closer to the hidden meaning of memorials as they keep the connection between the past and present."

Mariana from Moldova, participant in the workshop “War and Peace Cast in Stone: Analysing and Creating Memorials” at the EUSTORY Next Generation Summit 2018.
History Camp’s participants, organisers and experts | Photo: DVV International Armenia

History Camp 2022: "Uncovering Soviet Propaganda"

From 25 - 28 October, 2022, seventeen young prize winners from Armenia and Moldova gathered in Armenia for four packed workshop days. "We are taking so much with us that we all will have to pay for extra weight!” one participant summed up his experience.

Workshop results

Photo: Unsplash

Online History Camp 2020 "Coping With Painful Pasts"

How does one learn not to "Look Back in Anger"? 16 participants from Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine discussed this issue during a two-month long online workshop. They presented their answers in highly creative and moving works which they shared in a public retrospective.

Project results

Tutor Encounters

Teachers play a crucial role in the cooperation project “History Competitions” (2017-2024). In educational workshops on national and international levels they reflect on how to support students’ projects on family and local history.

"This workshop helped me understand what to do with my students. We have learnt how to turn our findings into a narrative."

Teacher from Ukraine, participant in a 2019 workshop.
Impressions from an international workshop in 2020 | Photos/Collage: DVV International Ukraine

Learning From Neighbours

In December 2020, tutors from all five project countries used the opportunity to share their experiences of school education. Together they discussed how politics of memory and cultures of commemoration are significant in class.


The international cooperation project “History Competitions” was started in 2017 by DVV International and Körber-Stiftung with the funding of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany. It supports the implementation of history competitions for pupils and young adults in Belarus (until 2021), Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine – and since 2021 also in Armenia. It also fosters international exchange between organisers, teachers and young adults, e.g. through workshops, network meetings and youth encounters.

Initially planned for two years, the project is already in its fourth project round.

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Each participating country in the cooperation project "History Competitions" (2017-2024) formed an operating project team consisting of the DVV International country office and at least one local partner organisation / NGO.

The cooperation project "History Competitions"
(2017-2024) is supported by