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About the organisation

HISTORIA is a non-profit association that organises a national history competition every other year. It seeks to encourage young researchers to properly look into history and present their work. HISTORIA also organises workshops for teachers.

The history competition

The first all-Swiss history competition HISTORIA was announced in September 2003 under the topic "Migration". By announcing the same topic in three languages (German, French, Italian) and in all parts of the country, the organisers aim at strengthening Swiss unity and interchange of ideas. The competition is held every second year. In order to reach as many Swiss students as possible and encourage them to deal with history, papers written for the final secondary school state examination (Matura) are accepted as well. Since the deadlines for handing in the Matura papers are different in the 26 cantons, the period between announcement and evaluation stretches over 17 months altogether.


Students in the age group 14 to 19 years are asked to undertake research within their families or neighborhood, to work in archives and libraries and find sources about their chosen topic. During their field work they should get in touch with official institutions as well as organisations and conduct interviews with contemporary witnesses. The result of their re­search should be verifiable and presented in a clear manner that shows analytical as well as interpretative skills and is well structured and illustrated. The form of presentation can differ, research can be presented as a written paper, an art product, a collage, a radio play, video, drama, an exhibition, a website or a CD-ROM. Students can work alone or in groups.


Members of the Jury that evaluate the submitted research papers are historians in various fields, most of them are working at schools or are freelance historians.


The prizes are in cash. The winners of first prizes will be invited to attend one-week seminars abroad in the framework of EUSTORY.

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