Traces of History

Pablo López Muñoz

My competition was about...
...two brothers of my town who escaped from Franco‘s dictatorship to France and to the United States: José Guerricabeitia founded a magazine in Paris, whereas Jesús became a successful merchant in the New World.

"The heritage of the Guerricabeitia brothers and the instruments of historical remembrance in the Old and the New World" (2015)

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Nerea Domínguez San José

My competition was about...
…Fray Diego Maroto, a well-known architect of the 17th century who was thought to be Peruvian.  In our research paper, we wanted to demonstrate that he is originally from Spain. Therefore we divided the project in two parts: a document about Diego Maroto’s life supported by verified facts and references and a novel, describing his possible life in Spain.

"Discovering the origins of the architect Fray Diego Maroto" (2015)

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Noelia Blas Guillén

Born 1995 in Madrid, Spain
Noelia went to the Instituto Vicente Aleixandre when she wrote this paper.

"Tales of My Childhood" (2012)

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Germán Jiménez Montes

Born in 1991 in Almería, Spain
Student (History, University of Sevilla)

"The pervading influence of the Old Regime in the rural society of Post war Spain. Case: Brácana, Granada (Andalusia) (2009)

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