Competition Topics

Organisation: Fédération des Maisons Franco-Allemandes, Dijon

Year Topics Participation Report
2012/2013 “The Wars of Memory in Europe (16th – 20th Centuries)” 2 contributions
12 participants
2014/2015 "Europe on the Battlefields – the Legacy of World War I for Us Today" 11 contributions
330 participants
2015/2016 "Verdun - A European Commemoration Site?" 23 contributions
501 participants
2017/2018 "War and Peace in the Context of the First World War. From the Trenches to the Idea of a United Europe" 134 contributions
1,151 participants
2018/2019 "Peace After the First World War in France, Germany and Europe. Memories and Heritage of a Global Conflict" 35 contributions
532 participants
2020/2021 "Europe on the Move – Citizens and Human Rights in Europe" 21 contributions
191 participants
2021/2022 "Across Borders: Franco-German Life-Journeys" 26 contributions
159 participants