Competition Topics

Organisation: DRIFI, Bucharest

Year Topics Participation Report
2000 "Childhood and Youth in History" 109 contributions
242 participants
2001/2002 "Techniques and Technologies in Communities from Yesterday and Today" 163 contributions
498 participants
2003/2004 "Help Your Neighbour. Human Solidarity in Communities Yesterday and Today" 181 contributions
399 participants
2005/2006 "Home. Yesterday and Today: Places, People, Customs" 330 participants
133 contributions
2007/2008 "Journeys and Borders Yesterdays and Nowadays. Encounters, Separations, Finding Together" 139 contributions
319 participants
2009/2010 "World of Labor Yesterday and Nowadays: Professions, Lifestyles, Representation" 198 contributions
389 participants
2012/2013 no competition round    
2013/2014 no competition round    
2014/2015 no competition round