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About the organisation

The DRIFI Association was founded in 2004 as a result of the long time curricular and extracurricular collaboration between professors and PhD candidates at the University of Bucharest.

DRIFI aims to be a forum of professional solidarity and exchanges in the deeply related fields of science, culture, technology and education. DRIFI intends to help bridging the gap between the academic world and the public sphere, to organise and unfold academic and cultural projects, and to provide relevant information for organisations and individuals interested in the results of the academic work.

Each year, DRIFI organises an Autumn Academy for German speaking students interested in the Romanian language, culture and history. The Centre for Translations of DRIFI is also very active. More information on (in Romanian and German).

The history competition (currently inactive)

The competition "Ištoria mea - Eustory" started in Romania in 2000. The first 3 editions have been organised under the auspices of the New History Foundation; from the 4th edition onwards, the organisation of the competition has been taken over by the DRIFI Association.

In managing the competition, DRIFI cooperates with the Center for Historical, Economic and Social Studies. An Executive Committee is in charge of the practical aspects of organising the competition, while a Scientific Board formed by 10 distinguished historians from the universities of Bucharest, Cluj and Iasi and from the Romanian Academy supervises the competition.

A strong motivation for organising a historical research competition for youngsters was provided by the state of the Romanian historiography. Historians who try to adjust their research and teaching to the more recent trends in world historiography confront with methodologically old-fashioned and ethno-centric historians who find their support mostly among the secondary school history teachers and also some parts of the general public.


The competition is open for every young person up to the age of 20. Participants can enter either as individuals or as groups. If they are assisted by a tutor or another adult person, the nature and extent of the assistance needs to be indicated in the application form. The entries can be presented in a large variety of forms, i.e. written essays, video or audio recordings, exhibitions, collages, and computer animations.

In order to give all participants a fair chance and to encourage all eligible persons to join the competition, the Scientific Board decided to accept entries written in any language that Romanian education law allow in schools.


The jury is formed by history teachers from secondary school and from the University. The final decision on the prizes is taken by the Scientific Board of the competition, which acts as final jury.

Each entry is assessed by two separate jurors at least, and the awarded entries are assessed by 4 jurors at least and by the members of the Scientific Board. The entries are assessed first with respect to formal criteria (evaluation sheet A), and then with respect to concrete historical contents (evaluation sheet B). Special bonuses are granted for groups and for very young participants.


DRIFI gives cash as well as book prizes. Special prizes and additional prizes for schools and tutors are taken into consideration and will be awarded according to the concrete contributions to the competition and to the additional financial resources attracted.

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