Competition Topics

Organisation: Slovak Centre for Communication and Development, Bratislava

Year Topics Participation Report
2003/2004 "The Picture of My City (Village, Street) in Symbols and Traditions of the 20th Century" 96 contributions
158 participants
2004/2005 "20th Century Slovak History in the Destiny of One Family" 87 contributions
113 participants
2005/2006 "Leisure Time of Children and Youth in the 20th Century" 107 contributions
137 participants
2006/2007 “The Inventions and Discoveries Change Our World: Search for Less-known or Unknown Inventions and Discoverers of 20th Century in Slovakia” 76 contributions
108 participants
2007/2008 “The Culture of My Region and Its Particularities” 77 contributions
130 participants
2009/2010 “Migration of Slovak Citizens in the 20th Century” 56 contributions
96 participants
2011/2012 „Multicultural Coexistence in Slovakia in the 20th and 21st Century“ 56 contributions
98 participants
2012/2013 "The Role of Women and Men in Slovakia During the 20th Century" 49 contributions
84 participants
2013/2014 “World War I and Its Reflection in Slovak Society” 54 contributions
85 participants
2014/2015 "Slovak Development Aid in the 20th and 21st Centuries" 44 contributions
70 participants
2015/2016 "History in Photographs" 69 contributions
90 participants
2016/2017 "Unique Historical Traditions, Construction, or Natural Element in a Place I Live - What would I Recommend for the Cultural or Natural Heritage of Mankind?" 32 contributions
44 participants
2017/2018 "Fragility of Liberty" 37 contributions
64 participants
2018/2019 "Velvet Revolution Through the Eyes of Contemporary Witnesses" 13 contributions
24 participants
2019/2020 "Wayward Shrines - Silent Witnesses to Local History" 13 contributions
24 participants
2021 "Epidemics and Post-War Traumas in the 20th Century" 5 contributions
10 participants
2021/2022 "Monuments, Memorials, Historical Places" 10 contributions
18 participants
2022/2023 "The First Czechoslovak Republic (1918-1938) - Its Wins and Losses"