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Občanské sdružení PANT
PANT Civic Initiative

Tom Rett

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725 25 Polanka nad Odrou
Phone: + 420 604610420
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About the organisation

PANT Civic Initiative was set up in Ostrava in 2007. Its purpose is to educate and inform the general public in the areas of human rights and modern history. It aims mainly at educational activities in the fields of history, documentaries, increasing knowledge related to history and mapping Czech, Slovak, Central European and European historical contexts. The core of PANT is the project website Since 2011, it has been focusing on cooperating with educational institutions and schools in Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. The PANT members are mainly teachers.


The participants should be age 15 to 20. They can undertake individual as well as group research. The research paper has to be between 15 to 30 pages and (computer) typed. There is a limit of 5 pupils per group. Usually, teachers at the students' respective schools also work as tutors. Teachers are briefed by competition organisers and pass on the formal requirements to their students.


The jury consists of academics and history teachers. The research papers are distributed among the jury members.


The first, second and third award winners receive a tablet, the others book prizes. All tutors are invited to the Award Ceremony and all participants receive a certificate,

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