Traces of History

Antti Vanhoja

Born in 1992 in Miehikkälä, Finland
High school Student (“Hamina High School“)

"The construction works of the "Salpa" line in Kylmälä 1940-41" (2010)

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Anna Sievälä

Born in 1991 in Mänttä, Finland
Anna is studying for her Master's Degree at the University of Eastern Finland: European Law and Administration of Integration and English Language, and Culture and German Language and Translation (last updated 2013).

"Coexistence of art and industry" (2010)

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Annielina Mehtatalo

Born in 1992 in Oulainen, Finland
Annielina graduated from Upper-Secondary of Oulainen recently and now takes courses at Open University of Tampere. She has also applied for University of Applied Sciences of Tampere (Last updated 2013).

"The civil war in Finland" (2008)

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