Traces of History

Cecilie Skov Johansen

My competition was about...
…the effects of the industrial revolution in the textile production of my hometown in the middle of the 20th century. I wanted to create a personal view on local history, so I chose to focus on a local businessman. To illustrate my research and results I designed an interactive scrapbook.

"The textile city of Alex Hansen in the 20th century" (2016)

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Anna Rossen

My competition was about...
…the struggle for African-American rights in past and present: From the Civil Rights Movements in the 1960s to the provocative lyrics of the rap group N.W.A and today‘s demonstrations organized by Black Lives Matter.

"The Civil Rights Movement" (2016)


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Kathrine Labaek

Born 1988 in Gentofte, Denmark
High school graduate in 2006 (High school Stenlose)
Today, Kathrine is a second year student of "Nutrition & Health" in Copenhagen (2/2015)

"Children and teenagers in Denmark during World War II" (2006)

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