Traces of History

Cara Sophie Fellmann

My competition was about...
…the Mennonites, a protestant free church, in southwest Germany. I asked myself three questions:
How did the Mennonite’s community develop? In what way are Mennonites different? How did my family discern and how did they handle their disparity?

"Mennonites: Different. Believing. Brave." (2015)

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Finja Haehser

My competition was about...
…illegitimate children of SS-soldiers after the Second World War. I asked my grandfather and his half sister because they are both illegitimate children of the same SS – soldier. The two met for the first time in 2007 and it is a really interesting story how they found out about each other.

"Illegitimate children of SS-Soldiers and the difficulty of historical research" (2015)

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Malte Leimbach

Born 1995 in Detmold, Germany
High school student (Gymnasium Leopoldinum, Detmold)

"The scandals surrounding Wilhelm Gräfer over the course of time and through the vicissitudes of society" (2011)

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Friedrich Wilke

Born in 1993 in Langenhagen, Germany
High school student (Langenhagen Gymnasium)

"On Heroes, Anti-Heroes and the Individuals Behind All This - the Story of Fritz Rodewald" (2009)

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Katharina Trettenbach

Born in 1993 in Weiden, Germany
High- school student (Augustinus- Gymnasium, Weiden)

"Melchior Probst- A hero?" (2009)

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Rebecca Naomi Swalve

Born in 1992 in Göttingen, Germany
Rebecca is studying law at Passau University in Germany. (Last updated 2013)

"Remembrance Means Life - In Memoriam Gudrun Goeseke" (2009) with Felicitas Mügge

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