Traces of History

Rebecca Reichenberg

Born in 1992 in Wuppertal, Germany
High school student ("Carl-Fuhlrott-Gymnasium"; Wuppertal)

"My heroes- the Lüninks" (2009)

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Anna Wandschneider

Born in 1993 in Peine, Germany
Student (Media Sciences and English Studies, Braunschweig University)

“The hidden portrait- no/a picturebook story”(2008/2009)

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Christina Brauner

Born in 1989 in Gladbeck, Germany
Christina is about to finish her PhD about intercultural diplomacy in early modern West Africa and is working at the University of Münster as research assistant in the department of early modern history. (Last updated 2013)

"Fractures - the lives of workers, in times of restructuring" (2005)

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Christoph Delcker

Born in 1985 in Karlsruhe, Germany
Student (German Literature, Music and Media; Humboldt University, Berlin)

"The struggle for pay and time. The change of the Labour Existence - Observations on the Labour Situation in Karlsruhe during the Weimar Republic" (2005)

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Karolina Kaleta

Born in 1988 in Hamburg, Germany
Karolina graduated in 2014 in Comparative Literature, Psychoanalysis and Religious studies with a Master thesis on the interplay of Zionist and historical narratives in contemporary Israeli literature. She has been working for the Koerber Foundation since March 2015. (Last updated 2015)

"From the executive floor of Promonta. Eleven chapters on the theme: 'Hard work pays off" (2004)

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Julia Schmid

Born in 1982 in Giessen, Germany
Student (Humboldt University Berlin)

„Don´t be afraid, you are better than many sparrows" - Or not? The sparrow between birdmurder and birdlove (2002)

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