Traces of History

Danielle Knoller

My competition was about...
...Rome's failure to adapt its city-state style government to ruling an empire and its consequences. Either out of genuine concern for reform, desire for personal gain and glory, or a combination of the two, Julius Caesar gave the Republic its final push over the edge following a detailed plan.

"How Julius Caesar brought down the Roman Republic" (2016)

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Yuval Beker

My competition was about...
…schools in Nazi Germany. I studied the way the Nazis perceived education, the importance they accorded to schooling and the way they changed it to fit their worldview once they were in power. Furthermore, I studied how the system of education affected its students and what students thought of the system once the Nazi regime fell.

"State education in Nazi Germany, 1933-1939" (2016)

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Eden Hazan

Born in 1997 in Rishon LeZion, Israel
Eden just graduated from High School and will start a two-year military service soon. (8/2015)

"The Holocaust through the eyes of Jewish children” (2015)

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Dorin Rottenshtreich Robin

Born 1995 in Tel Aviv, Israel
Dorin just finished High School, and after her three year military services, she would like to study history and law. One of her interests is the media which is why Dorin writes for a youth magazine and participates in a radio show.

"The Regime of Austerity in Israel: 1948 - 1952” (2014)

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